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December 8, 2011

It’s the season and we are preparing our list for our gift giving.  We have the list and we are looking for a good gift which will add not our personal touch but the value to them.   Some gifts are of economical values which
include a electric items or clothing or Jewelry of some kind.  When we buy these gifts then we are just adding only one item without its accessories or items that go with it.  Wouldn’t it be nice to give some gifts that would include more than one item?  Many house ware items come in bundles which will be very appropriate to wrap as one gift package.

For Example: The coffee lover on your list will adore this premium gift set that has everything they need to make their own authentic Italian espresso from home. Set includes:  Bialetti Mukka Express® Cappuccino Maker.  This ingenious pot allows you to prepare two creamy mugs of perfect cappuccino just like the one at the Italian espresso bar.  It features an attractive, modern and fun design (also known as the “cow”).  The Mukka Express is easy to use and very simple to clean.  It comes with Illy® Ground Coffee, Moka which will allow them to experience the same exquisite Italian espresso and cappuccino that is served in the world′s finest restaurants.  Illy uses a blend of the finest 100% Arabica  beans meticulously selected from around the world. This coffee offers distinctive taste and exceptional freshness.

For the wine lovers: The wine connoisseur on your list deserves the best tools for their wine. Give them some of our favorites for enjoying a bottle. Set includes:  Metrokane Zippity 2-Step Wine Tools Set consists of Zippity 2-Step Corkscrew, Wine Pourer with Stopper, and Wine/Champagne Sealer. Patented corkscrew design features a retractable cutter and Teflon-coated spiral. The wine/champagne sealer has an easy-to-grip smooth finish and seals wine air-tight in addition to preserving champagne bubbles. Wine pourer pours smoothly without drips while the stopper seals wine air-tight. It comes with a Wine Decanter which has an exceptional value and is suitable for decanting red or white wines. Holds 26 oz. Hand wash is highly recommended for these types of items.

When we talk about wine and immediately, our mind start to wonder for cheese.  It would be nice to get two gifts which will complement each other.  This Cheese Gift set will delight the entertainer or cheese lover with everything they need for serving artisan cheeses. Set includes:  Kuhn Rikon Mini Cleaver: Razor-sharp cleaver is ideal for all types of medium-firm cheeses and makes a handy prep knife for mincing garlic, ginger and more. Nonstick high-carbon Japanese-steel knife is perfect for small jobs and comes with a safety sheath for safe storage. Artisanal Cheeses Flour sack Towels: Stylish, oversized flour-sack towels dress up any kitchen, while handling plenty of household tasks. Lint-free weave is ideal for drying dishes, polishing silver, cleaning mirrors and more.

Marble Cheese Board and Slicer: Elegantly display and slice cheeses on marble. Cheeses stay cooler on marble board, while the wire slices clean through both hard and soft cheeses with ease. It also includes two replacement wires.

These types of gifts would bring a beautiful smile on the receiver’s face.  Many meaningful gifts like these would add more value to the gift giving and personal touch to any individual.  Let us think of these gift and look through our list and find those who could really appreciate our love and caring though these products.  Happy Holidays !!!!

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