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August 26, 2011

The art of cooking requires the proper utensils and a strong commitment to attempting kitchen gadgets. Before we start to cook any food, we need to prepare few items and prepare (cut it into pieces or manageable portion) that will help the cooking process little easier.  Of course, we do not forget spices like black pepper (coarse or ground), herbs (leaves), grated cheese, olive oil (or preferred cooking oil of our choice), salt, Garlic or Ginger paste, vegetables
(potatoes, onions, capsicum, lettuce and more)  with pots and pans.

In our busy life, we like to finish preparing our meals spending less time in the kitchen after a busy day at work.  We obtain all our grocery during the weekend and stored in the fridge.  So, its just matter of getting the required amount out and start garnishing all the ingredients in small containers.  This is one of the good reasons to keep all that items out to see whether we have all the ingredients with us before we start cooking.

A good way to prepare a grocery list is to think of recipes ahead of time and make up a grocery listing before visiting our grocery store.  Of course, we do not need to forget clipping those coupons from each circular or visiting online coupon websites.  For online examples: www.printcouponsonline.net or www.coolsavings.com

So, if we have all those items readily available in the kitchen fridge, then its time to look for those kitchen tools which will help either peel, cut, grate, simmer or spreading.  We can easily find a peeler in our kitchen tools drawers.  But cutting could be done various ways: a) plain old knife cutting  or  b) by using a multipurpose cutting tool.


First Type of Tools


Second Tool                                       Third Tool

Some of them require good amount of arm strength, whereas other requires lot of attachments.  Many are easy to use with manual operation (thereby saving on electric bill) and then those that use electrical power to operate.   Its always a good idea to use which has a little bit of advantage of both personal strength and using electrical power.  When possible I like to use the physical strength on slicing using the first tool, for chopping medium soft vegetable using second tool and for very fine mincing or chopping (including blending) use the electrical chopper (the third tool) for the best results.

Hope you have a happy cooking & make use of quality time with the amount of time spent in the kitchen.

“First comes thought; then organization of that thought, into ideas and plans; then transformation of those plans into reality. The beginning, as you will observe, is in your imagination.”
Napoleon Hill

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