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November 24, 2011

As all the basic kitchen tools and gadgets are essential for any kitchen, the same way small electrical appliances are equally important in the kitchen.  Its like we can slice vegetables by hand using a mandoline slicer or use a small food processor to do it in second.  It’s to do the cooking jobs efficiently and as effectively.


Some small appliances perform the same or similar function as their larger counterparts. For example, a toaster oven is a small appliance that performs a similar function as an oven.  Small appliances often have a home version and a commercial version. The commercial, or industrial, version is designed to be used nearly continuously in a restaurant or other similar setting.  Some appliances consist of an electrical motor upon which is mounted various attachments so as to constitute several individual appliances, such as a blender, a food processor, or a juicer. Many stand mixers, while functioning primarily as a mixer, have attachments which can perform additional functions.



Small appliances can be very inexpensive, such as a basic can opener or coffee maker which may cost only a few U.S. dollars, or very expensive, such as an elaborate espresso maker, which may cost several thousand U.S. dollars. Most homes contain several cheaper home appliances, with perhaps a few more expensive appliances, such as a high-end nicro microwave oven or mixer.


There are varieties of appliances that we use as soon as we wake in the morning.  Coffee maker, waffle maker, Panini maker, slow cooker, small griddle, fondue, kettle, grinders, food processor, steamer, yogurt maker, blender, knife sharpener  and more.  Some of the appliances for efficient help for those with the infant by their side, bottle warmer, baby food maker, bottle steam sanitizer, baby food center, juicer and more.


With these types of electrical appliances which are small in sizes but perform like a restaurant grade machine and makes life easier in the kitchen.  Keeping these kitchen tools on the kitchen counter, makes our kitchen totally equipped to prepare for any challenge we face in our daily choirs.  We make use of these items daily on breakfast, lunch, snack time as well as dinner.  Let us make the best use of each one which will help us make a quick and healthy meal for our family.

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