Breville Kitchen Tools

December 13, 2011

Today, from New Zealand to the UK, toasted sandwiches are still affectionately called ‘Brevilles,’ so much so that the term has been added to the Australian dictionary. The sandwich maker’s success was soon followed by the iconic ‘Kitchen Wizz’ food processor, together with a range of high-performance, time-saving appliances such as blenders, dairy bars, yogurt makers and waffle irons.  One of the world’s most multicultural cities called Sydney is now famous, with a craving for fresh, healthy foods and a taste for Mediterranean and Asian cuisine.

Breville’s revolutionary innovations, such as the high-wall heating electric wok, the health grill, Panini press and award-winning Juice Fountain and Health Smart Steamer, are part of millions of homes around the world.  The Electric Wok BEW600 delivers 1500 watts of heating power with a blazing 425 F searing temperature in no time.  Melded with a unique butterfly element, the Breville electric wok creates even heat distribution that brings real Asian flare to the at-home menu.  The nonstick finish is ultra-durable, easy to clean, and allows you to stir-fry without the need for any fatty oils.

The lid is made from premium tempered glass for optimum transparency and safety. Its domed shape facilitates the cooking of a large meal, and a handy steam vent adjusts for the ideal amount of moisture in any dish. Wok features 15 settings for all kinds of meals, including pasta, soups, eggs and much, much more. Includes a spatula and a recipe book & best of all its dishwasher safe.

The Juice Fountain Elite is top-of-the-line home juicer is designed to commercial standards, with a heavy-duty, die-cast metal base and brushed-stainless-steel housing. Features a 1000-watt, Italian-made motor that automatically increases or decreases power during use, for consistent, efficient juicing. Dual speeds easily handle soft or hard fruits or vegetables.

It delivers smooth, delicious refreshment every time.  Micro-mesh
filter extracts up to 30% more juice and 40% more vitamins and minerals than comparable juicers. In fact, the filter and cutter system are so powerful that pineapple can be juiced in large chunks with the rind on.

A healthy alternative to other cooking methods, steaming requires no oil and helps retain more essential vitamins. Breville’s Health Smart Steamer makes it easy to create delicious steamed rice, vegetables, fish, poultry and more.  This versatile steamer lets you use one tray, two trays, or all three at once to create a meal for the entire family. Removable divider lets you cook larger or smaller portions. Each tray features six indents for delicious, hard-cooked eggs, and a rice bowl delivers light and fluffy results every time.

User-friendly controls feature LCD screen, timer, auto shutoff, and on/off indicator. Simply set the cooking time, then relax and let
the steamer do the work. Warming function keeps food at the right temperature for up to an hour.  Allow steamer to cool completely, then wash trays in warm, soapy water and dry thoroughly. Durable trays collapse and nest for easy storage. Wipe stainless-steel base clean with damp cloth to preserve this appliance.

Key is to use a quality kitchen tools and cooking a healthy meal with ofcoarse healthy ingredients.  Have a happy healthy life style.

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