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March 8, 2012

During the ‘90s, Breville’s hometown of Sydney became one of the world’s most multicultural cities, with a craving for fresh, healthy foods and a taste for Mediterranean and Asian cuisine.  This became a passion for John O’Brian of the
Breville’s Research and Development Center.  This company had manufactured the world’s first scissor-action sandwich maker was invented, selling 400,000 units in its first year—one of the most successful product launches in Australian history.

Today, from New Zealand to the UK, toasted sandwiches are still affectionately called ‘Brevilles,’ so much so that the term has been added to the Australian dictionary. The sandwich maker’s success was soon followed by the iconic ‘Kitchen Wizz’ food processor, together with a range of high-performance, time-saving appliances such as blenders, dairy bars, yogurt makers and waffle irons. By the early ‘80s, Breville had established an office in Hong Kong, and was exporting its innovations to 15 countries.

Breville’s revolutionary innovations, such as the high-wall heating electric wok, the health grill, panini press and award-winning Juice Fountain and espresso machines, brought Sydney’s café culture to millions of homes around the world. In 2001, Breville’s merger with Australian kitchenware company HWI helped support the expansion of Breville’s Centre of Design.

This unit’s 1500 watts of heating power delivers a blazing 425°F searing temperature in no time. Melded with a unique butterfly element, the Breville electric wok, creates even heat distribution that brings real Asian flare to the at-home menu. The nonstick finish is ultra-durable, easy to clean, and allows you to stir-fry without the need for any fatty oils.

The lid is made from premium tempered glass for optimum transparency and safety. Its domed shape facilitates the cooking of a large meal, and a handy steam vent adjusts for the ideal amount of moisture in any dish. Wok features 15 settings for all kinds of meals, including pasta, soups, eggs and much, much more. The set includes spatula and recipe book.  The unit is Dishwasher safe.

Traditional style, modern convenience designed to work just like a traditional iron wok on a gas range, Breville’s electric version delivers authentic results easily and safely.  Adjustable heat settings ensure the accurate temperature for any dish, and nonstick surface lets you create healthy, low-fat meals.   It is more than just a stir-fry.  This versatile wok handles a variety of cooking styles with ease: steaming, braising, roasting, stewing and deep frying. Also great for fondue or hot-pot cooking parties or for making giant batches of popcorn for family movie nights.

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